Brownspots (hyperpigmentation, melasma)

Brown spots

The hyperpigmentation that causes the skin to develop annoying dark spots is a result of an exaggerated or irregular melanin distribution in the skin. But what is Melanin? Melanin is the brown substance that gives the skin its color. It’s produced by melanocytes cells. These cells get stimulated by UV rays and that’s why you get darker when you’re exposed to the sun rays. 

This deregulation of melanin production eventually piles up in certain areas which eventually turns into pigmentation spots or dark spots. There are a couple of different types of pigmentation spots, let’s mention some of them:
1- Lentigos (age spots): These are the most common type of spots. They are usually round-shaped light-colored. You’ll start noticing them appearing once you hit your 40’s.
2- Melasma (pregnancy mask): This type of spots appear due to the hormonal imbalance that happens because of pregnancy or because of taking the contraceptive pill. However, there are some factors that cause this type of spots to appear such as extended exposure to the sun and having a dark skin tone.
Usually, hereditary freckles are macules located on the epidermis. You don’t just get born with these spots on your face. These freckles appear due to extended exposure to UV rays in childhood.
Post-inflammatory brown spots occur due to local inflammation, caused by acne pimples, scars, or any type of irritation (especially on darker types of skin) giving hyperpigmentation after sun exposure.

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