Chemical Peels

Chemical peeling is gaining more and more popularity because it gives noticeable results in a short period of time as it improves the skin's texture and enriches it with a lasting glow. Chemical peeling is a technique used for more than 20 years, the peel is a chemical product that acts on the appearance of the skin by removing the external skin layers.

Medium chemical peel

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What are chemical peels?

A person loses several million dead skin cells every day. Unfortunately, a human body cannot get rid of dead skin cells completely. Over time, they accumulate preventing the epidermis from renewing itself properly, thus forming a large number of skin imperfections.
Peeling is an aesthetic medical technique that consists of applying an exfoliating liquid (or a paste) to the skin, intended to make it peel the first layers covered with dead cells. This intervention allows a new skin by naturally reactivating the production of collagen and the formation of new cells.
There are different intensities of peeling depending on the product used. During the first consultation, the professional will suggest the most suitable peel based on the person’s skin imperfections and the phototype.
There are two types of peel in Main d’Or clinic:
1- The gentle ones called "Quick Peel": Stimulating peel; Moisturizing Peeling; Lightening peel; Anti-acne peeling.
2- Intermediates that are indicated to treat certain more marked facial imperfections.

When to use chemical peels

Here are the different indications for all peels combined:‍

How our beauty clinic does it?

After a good cleansing of the skin, the professional applies delicately the product, using a brush or cotton swab. When the appearance of redness or slight homogeneous bleaching is achieved, the product is neutralized. A tingling and warm feeling are expected during the session.
Neutralization is necessary in order to stop the effect of the peel. A softening and/or healing cream is then applied to provide a feeling of comfort.

The benefits of chemical peels

The light peel is a safe way to improve complexion and skin texture without social exclusion. In fact, repetition gives effective results.
The intermediate peel is a more invasive treatment with stronger acids.

Our beauty clinic's advice:

BEFORE Avoid the sun during the 2 months preceding the peel to avoid a pigment rebound (appearance of new brown spots). It is, therefore, necessary to apply a minimum of 30+ or ​​even 50+ sunscreen during the day.
Depending on the peel recommended by the professional, a list of cosmetics to be used at home, following a precise protocol, will be given to the patient in order to prepare the skin and to facilitate the penetration of the active product of the chemical peel with no pigmentary rebound.
Certain drugs are not recommended in combination with the peel, they should be stopped before(antibiotic, anti-acne, anti-acne treatment by the oral or cutaneous route and food supplements based on beta-carotene).
‍PENDING :The treatment lasts 30 minutes. Depending on the product used for the peel, a burning or itching sensation that lasts a few minutes or less may be unpleasant. Venting the skin can help calm the sensation that is passing rather quickly.
AFTER:Restorative cream is applied to help the skin recover. The sun and UV rays are contraindicated at least during the month following the last treatment.
‍SUITS :No downtime and no visible flaking after a "Quick Peel". Sometimes the skin remains red for a few hours after a gentle peel, but the next day, the redness goes away.
After an intermediate peel, the consequences vary depending on the product used. The skin may be red with whitish streaks that quickly fade, or there may be scabs that appear 2-3 days after the session. They are more or less thick depending on the depth of the peel. They come off about 6 to 8 days later to give way to a new and pink skin. It is therefore difficult to show yourself during this period because the scabs are sometimes difficult to hide, even with makeup.

The expected results of our beauty clinic's services:

Depending on the type of peel, the results are more or less rapid:
The results of gentle peels come gradually. In general, 3 to 5 sessions spaced 15 days apart are necessary to obtain an excellent result. With the repetition of the sessions, the skin becomes clearer, softer, and tends to become more toned.
Secondly, maintenance sessions will allow the results obtained to be maintained at a rate decided on a case-by-case basis.
Regarding the results of intermediate peels, from the first session, in the second week, the skin appears “renovated”, clearer, more uniform, and less oily. The number of sessions depends on the potency of the product and the skin defects to be treated.
The expected results may vary depending on each individual.

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