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Electrocoagulation, sometimes called thermocoagulation, is an aesthetic technique that has been around for 60 years and is used to eliminate circulatory anomalies and skin irregularities through the use of a high-frequency, ultra-fast current.

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What is electrocoagulation?

Electrocoagulation is a permanent, non-invasive method that uses high heat produced by a high frequency electric current through a device called an HF Electrocoagulator.

This precise and meticulous technique is used to coagulate small capillaries or certain superficial skin imperfections in order to blur their appearance or eliminate them completely.

Indications for electrocoagulation

Electrocoagulation consists of depositing a thin filament on the surface of the skin, without pricking, providing a heat effect that effectively and painlessly destroys the following skin irregularities:

  • Spider veins
  • Acrochordons(benign skin growths)
  • Milium grains (superficial epidermal cysts filled with sebum)
  • Ruby points (bright red vascular lesions)
  • Cholesterol deposits

What Does the Treatment Involve?

The skin is carefully removed.

The practitioner then gently applies the tip of the electrocoagulation stylet on the beginning of the vessel or on the skin irregularities and then triggers the radiofrequency current for a few seconds. He moves the stylet regularly in order to coagulate the vessel or cauterize the imperfection.

When the radiofrequency current is triggered, the patient may feel a localized heating or tingling sensation at the location of the stylet.

The advantages of electrocoagulation

This treatment is effective, with rapid visible results. The treatment is fast, precise and without scars. In 15 minutes, up to 15 skin imperfections can be removed.

Tips for a Successful Treatment

BEFORE : Avoid the sun one month before the treatment to avoid a pigmentary rebound (Hyperpigmentation). It will therefore be necessary to apply a sun cream (index 50+) during the day.
If your skin is damaged in the area where you need to have the treatment, it will be necessary to wait for the skin to be repaired.
‍PENDANT : This procedure is slightly painful. However, to reduce the pain, an anesthetic cream can be applied for 1 hour before the procedure, on the area to be treated.
The procedure lasts on average between 15 and 20 minutes.
‍AFTER: You will have to apply for at least 5 days repairing cream to help your epidermis to remake itself quickly.
The sun is contraindicated as well as UV rays at least during the month following the last treatment. It is absolutely necessary to apply a sun cream (index 50+)
‍SUITS : There is no social eviction to be expected.
Your skin is slightly red and a tingling sensation may persist for a few hours.
In the 24 hours following the session, it is also possible to observe a slight swelling of the treated area or a feeling of heat.
Generally small Croutelles the size of a pinhead occur and disappear in 4 / 5 days without leaving a trace. It is absolutely necessary not to scratch them.

Expected results

A period of 8 weeks is required for your skin to heal completely.
It's important to note that people who suffer from acrochordons have a high rate of recurrence, even after they've been removed.
For couperose, a 3-weekly treatment is recommended. This treatment is effective, and results are rapidly visible. On the other hand, maintenance treatments should be carried out every 2 years on average to maintain results, as they do not prevent the appearance of new dilated vessels.
*Expected results may vary according to the individual.

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