Dull complexion and loss of radiance

Dull complexion and loss of radiance

If you’re trying to figure out whether your complexion is getting dull or not, all you have to do is the following. If it’s kind of grayish and almost olive-colored and no longer has that good old shine that reflects the light, that means that it’s definitely getting dull.

Many factors play a huge role in causing your dull complexions such as pollution, poor lifestyle, and stress. They lead to poor blood circulation which causes dullness. Dull skin is basically a suffocated skin that is drowning in toxins due to poor cell renewal and if you’re not getting enough nutrients you’re not doing yourself a favor. This will cause your cells to die which would decrease your collagen rates.

Mainly, your skin begins to darken and blur at the age of 30. Men and women start suffering from this issue that makes them look unhealthy and older than they are. So if you have this case, you shouldn’t wait for a second to take action. Save your skin.

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