Dilated pores

Dilated pores

The skin is basically an organ, just like any other organ in your body. And it breathes, how? It uses a thing called pores which are tiny holes that cover the entire surface of the skin.

These pores are the only thing that allows the evacuation of sweat and sebum and even dead skin cells. 

As the skin ages, the dermal structure that is surrounding these pores will get weaker which would lead to enlarging the pores especially in the cheeks and nasal area.

The main factor that causes pores enlargement is the loss of skin elasticity, but other factors play a role in this condition such as extended sun exposure, hormonal changes and imbalances, poor hygiene, and unhealthy lifestyle. It could be genetic as well.
Enlarged pores can easily get infected over time. You can also start noticing the appearance of black dots that are called micro-cysts if you didn’t take care of your enlarged pores.

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