Hyaluronic acid injections

Hyaluronic acid injections are increasingly in demand in Montreal for their ability to hydrate the skin and fill wrinkles effectively, with minimal invasiveness. These injections, including popular, competitively priced brands like Juvéderm, are perfect for restoring volume and sculpting facial contours, offering a versatile aesthetic solution for a revitalized facial hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid, used in renowned products such as Juvederm, is the preferred choice for remarkable aesthetic results, from lip injections to the reduction of dark circles. Juvederm prices vary according to the treatment required, but consistently offer exceptional value for money. Whether you're looking to restore volume to your lips or reduce dark circles for refreshed eyes, our hyaluronic acid treatments are designed to meet your specific needs with visible, natural results.

Hollow circles

600$ + tx


300 to $550 + tx

Lips and Lip contour  per 1ml syringe

450 to $500 + tx

Any additional facial part per 1ml syringe

550$ + tx

Prices (In same session)   2ml

1050$ + tx

Prices (In same session)   3ml

1550$ + tx

Prices (In same session)   4ml

2000$ + tx

Prices (In same session)  5ml

2400$ + tx

Prices (In same session)  6ml

2800$ + tx

Injection to dissolve hyaluronic acid

150$ + tx
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The importance of hyaluronic acid injections

Hyaluronic acid is essential to our skin's vitality, but its production declines with age. Our hyaluronic acid facial injections combat these signs of aging by restoring the skin's hydration and fullness. With adapted formulations, from fluid for intense hydration to compact for volume filling, we tailor the treatment to your needs to reveal a radiant, naturally youthful complexion.

Rejuvenate and Redefine with Hyaluronic Acid Injection

At Clinique Main d'Or, we use hyaluronic acid injections to rejuvenate and redefine facial features. From smoothing fine wrinkles around the lips to filling in dark circles at an affordable price, our treatments effectively target the areas concerned. We offer customized solutions for reshaping sagging cheeks and beautifying lips, using high-quality fillers to restore volume and structure to your face with natural, long-lasting results.

    Enhance Your Smile with a hyaluronic acid injection

    Our clinic excels in the art of restoring youthfulness and definition to your lips. We offer deep hydration, precise reshaping for a perfectly defined mouth, and delicate correction of thin lips for a full, natural appearance. Our lip injection treatments also aim to balance the proportions of the smile, including for those wishing to attenuate a gingival smile, always taking care to respect the harmony and natural aesthetics of your face.

    Profile harmonization with Face Hyaluronic Acid

    Facial hyaluronic acid injections play a key role in balancing and harmonizing facial features. To discreetly correct nasal imperfections without resorting to surgery, or to sculpt a slightly receded chin, our clinic uses advanced injection techniques to subtly shape and define your profile, ensuring a natural, balanced appearance.

    Restore your lips with a hyaluronic acid lip injection

    Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid injection offers a customized solution for projecting and restoring lip relief, bringing aesthetic balance to distinct facial features such as a long nose or prominent chin. Our approach helps to redefine the oval of the face, restoring structure and youthfulness. These injections not only transform the appearance of the lips but also revitalize the face by reducing signs of fatigue, tightening pores and deeply moisturizing for a radiant complexion.

    Equip your skin with hyaluronic acid's anti aging properties

    Preventive hyaluronic acid injections are a proactive strategy against skin ageing, offering increased firmness and delaying the appearance of wrinkles from an early age. For mature skin, these injections revitalize and repair, restoring elasticity and youthfulness to skin marked by the years.

    Have a comfortable and safe experience at our beauty clinic

    As our customers' comfort is a priority, we can apply a numbing cream before the hyaluronic acid injection to ensure a pleasant experience. Our staff use sterile 1 ml syringes, opened in your presence to ensure safety. After cleansing and disinfecting the targeted area, hyaluronic acid is precisely injected, either by needle or micro-cannula, to effectively target wrinkles and restore volume while minimizing bruising.

    The natural benefits of hyaluronic acid

    Safe, biomimetic hyaluronic acid injections offer instantly visible results with minimal risk of side effects, and the possibility of reversing them if necessary. For optimum success, avoid anticoagulants before the procedure and limit sun exposure afterwards. Improvements brought about by hyaluronic acid can last up to 10 months, giving you a refreshed, natural appearance. For a personalized treatment plan, a consultation with our specialists is recommended.

    Q1: What results can I expect from a hyaluronic acid injection and how long will they last?

    The effects of a hyaluronic acid injection are immediate, providing a visible and natural rejuvenation of the face. Results can last from 8 months to 24 months, depending on the individual, the areas treated and the products used.

    Q3: How much does a lip injection with hyaluronic acid cost at Clinique Main d'Or?

    Prices for lip injections start at $450 for a complete syringe. For more specific packages or treatments, please consult our clinic for personalized estimates.

    Q2: How can facial hyaluronic acid improve the appearance of dark circles, and how much does it cost?

    Facial hyaluronic acid is effective in reducing the appearance of hollow dark circles, restoring volume and a rejuvenated appearance under the eyes. Filling of dark circles starts at $600 + tx for a targeted, professional treatment at our clinic.

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