Hair loss and lack of vitality

Hair loss and lack of vitality

Hair's Role in Appearance and Challenges it Faces in Everyday Life

Hair significantly impacts our appearance and is highly valued in societies worldwide. Every day, our hair encounters various external factors that can cause long-term damage. These include aggressive brushing, frequent shampooing, exposure to high heat from hairdryers, prolonged sunlight, pollution, and more.
Understanding Normal Hair Loss and When to Worry. 
It's essential to recognize that some degree of hair loss is entirely normal, as it's part of the hair's natural renewal process. Generally, losing 50 to 150 hairs per day is considered normal. However, hair loss can become concerning under specific circumstances, such as stress, emotional shock, hormonal imbalance, certain medications, vitamin deficiencies, or hereditary factors. It's crucial to differentiate temporary hair loss from androgenic alopecia, commonly known as baldness, which is permanent.

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