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This hair removal technique was conventionally used before the arrival of lasers and IPLs. Though it's much less used today, we can't deny the great results it gives.

Electroepilation (per 30 mins by session)


Each Additional 5 mins


Electrocoagulation (Per unit)


Minimum Charge

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What is electric hair removal?

Electric body hair removal is a technique that works on destroying the cells at the origin of hair regrowth by sliding a fine needle through the pilosebaceous follicle to the bulb, transmitting the destructive electric current. The instrument used is a high-frequency electrical device( electro-coagulator) connected to a handpiece or pen on which the needle is placed.
It is a long, meticulous, and not a very pleasant process. It is less painful today due to the practice of local anesthesia and the improvement of the devices that regulate the intensity and the passage time.
The important thing is the manual precision of the operator and his good eyesight.

The indications for electric hair removal:

Today, electrolysis hair removal is used much less than hair removal by flashlight or laser, which allows much faster work and does not require the manual precision of the operator. But it remains useful in the following cases:

  • White or very light hair because flashlight techniques and lasers target the dark pigment in the hair.
  • Rare and isolated hairs.
  • Tanned skin
  • Residual hair on the face after depilation with the flash lamp or laser.
Intervention in practice

After careful disinfection of the area to be depilated, the professional technician of Main d'Or beauty center introduces a fine needle into the hair opening to be destroyed. The delivered electric pulse will increase the temperature of the bulb, which will be destroyed. The hair is then removed without any resistance with pliers and comes out surrounded by its white and translucent sheath and its very pigmented bulb. It is permanently eliminated and never grows back.

The advantages of electric hair removal

The only advantage of this technique is to be able to destroy the hairs resistant to other technologies.

Tips for a successful treatment

BEFORE: The hair must not be shaved, plucked, or pulled out. It must remain visible in the area to be treated.
No tan or UV for at least 4 weeks.
DURING: A feeling of warming or strong heat is observed.
AFTER: Avoid makeup on the same day.
Avoid touching or scratching the epilated area as there is a risk of infection.
Do not expose yourself to the sun for 2 months because there is a risk of hyperpigmentation. In case of sun exposure, it is imperative to apply sunscreen.
FOLLOWING: A feeling of great heat is frequent in the immediate aftermath.
The treated area may be red and swollen. The redness goes away within a few hours.
Small scabs may appear the day after treatment. They go away in 1 to 3 weeks.

The expected results

It is always necessary to perform several passages or sessions to properly epilate a given area because the hair cycle and its duration must be taken into account.
Electrolysis hair removal grants excellent results, but the treatment takes a fairly long period of time.

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