Electrolysis Hair Removal: The Ultimate Guide for Facial Hair Removal

Electrolysis, often called ""epilator visage,"" is a time-tested permanent facial hair removal method. Before the advent of lasers and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments, electrolysis was the go-to solution for many seeking smooth, hair-free skin. Even today, its efficacy in delivering lasting results is undeniable.

Electroepilation (per 30 mins by session)

60$ + tx

Each Additional 5 mins

10$ + tx

Electrocoagulation (Per unit)


Minimum Charge


Understanding Electrolysis for Facial Hair Removal

Electrolysis is a procedure that employs an electric current to obliterate the cells responsible for hair regrowth. This is achieved by inserting a fine needle through the pilosebaceous follicle, directing it to the hair bulb, and transmitting a destructive electric current. This method is potent for all skin types and hair varieties, including white or very light hair, rare and isolated strands, and residual facial hair that remains post-treatment, like flash lamps or lasers. The process is particularly beneficial for those with sensitive skin as it targets the hair follicle directly without affecting the surrounding skin.
At Clinic Main D'or l'electrolysis Montreal, the procedure uses a high-frequency electrical device connected to a handpiece where the needle is placed. Their dedicated team, led by Dr. Manish, ensures that patients receive top-tier care, providing the best results.

Why Choose Electrolysis for Hair Removal?

While modern hair removals methods like the flash lamp or laser are faster and require less manual precision, facial electrolysis remains invaluable in specific scenarios:

  • Effective for Light Hair: Techniques like the flashlight and lasers target the dark pigment in hair, making them less effective for white or very light hair.
  • Targeting Isolated Hairs: It's perfect for rare and isolated hairs that might take more time to be addressed by other methods.
  • Tanned skin.
  • Residual Hair Post-Other Treatments: If you've previously undergone electrolysis hair removal treatments like flash lamps or lasers and have some leftover hair, electrolysis can help.

The Electrolysis Hair Removal Process

After ensuring the area to be treated is disinfected, a skilled technician at Main d'Or introduces a fine needle into the hair opening. An electric pulse is then delivered, raising the temperature of the hair bulb until it's destroyed. The hair is then effortlessly removed with tweezers, revealing its white, translucent sheath and intensely pigmented bulb. This hair is permanently eradicated and won't regrow.

Advantages of Electrolysis Hair

The primary benefit of electrolysis is its ability to tackle hairs resistant to other technologies. A definitive hair removal method ensures the hair doesn't return.

Tips for Optimal Results

Before Treatment : Avoid shaving, plucking, or pulling out the hair. It should be visible for treatment. Also, refrain from tanning or UV exposure for at least four weeks.
‍During Treatment: Patients might experience a sensation of warmth or intense heat.
‍After Treatment: It's best to avoid makeup on the day of the procedure. Don't touch or scratch the treated area to prevent infections. Stay out of the sun for two months to avoid hyperpigmentation. If sun exposure is unavoidable, always apply sunscreen.

Anticipated Results for Facial Electrolysis

Multiple sessions might be required to thoroughly treat an area due to the hair growth cycle. While electrolysis hair removal offers excellent results, seeing the full effects might take a while. However, the wait is worth the permanent, hair-free results. For those interested in this treatment or other skin care solutions, Clinic Main D'or in Montreal is the place to go. Experience the transformation with their top-notch treatments epilation montreal.

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