Bitter folds (Puppet Wrinkles)

Folds of bitterness

Let your youthful spirit shine through your face by learning about the causes of bitter folds and permanently treating them.

What are bitterness folds? Bitterness folds are those small folds at the corners of the lips that pull the smile down. When they widen and make their way on our faces, they can quickly give us a stern, even sad expression.
The main causes of bitterness folds are:

Repeated contractions of the skin muscle of the face called DAO (Depressor Auguli Oris) pull the corners of the lips down.

Aging results in sagging skin, fat loss, and sagging in the lower part of the face along with age-related bone loss.

It is rare for these oblique wrinkles to form before the age of 40. They are more noticeable in women, as men can easily hide them under a beard. These furrows or wrinkles can be more or less deep depending on the age.

Our treatments for bitterness folds
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