Bitter folds (Puppet Wrinkles)

Folds of bitterness

Bitter lines, often referred to as marionette lines, are those little folds at the corners of the lips that pull the smile down, like a marionette. When these wrinkles deepen and trace their way across our face, they can quickly give us a stern, even sad expression, reminiscent of the face of a hand puppet. The main causes identified are:

Repeated contractions of the facial skin muscle, similar to the movements of a puppet, called DAO (Depressor Auguli Oris) which pulls the corner of the mouth downwards.

Aging, much like the aging of a puppet in a puppet show, leads to sagging skin, melting fat, and sagging of the lower face with age-related bone loss.

These oblique marionette lines rarely form before the age of 40. They are more visible in women, while men can easily hide them, a bit like hiding a puppet behind a curtain, under a beard. These lines can be more or less pronounced, depending on age.

Our treatments for bitterness folds
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