This cosmetic procedure triggers brown spots, pregnancy marks, acne, redness, rosacea, and more.
In simple words, this amazing energy-based treatment works on curing all kinds of marks left on the face and hands throughout life.

Photorejuvenation is a non-invasive aesthetic medicine technique that combats the signs of aging and gives a youthful glowy look!

Photorejuvenation per session

200$ + tx

Face and neck per session

280$ + tx

Face and neckline per session

400$ + tx

Hand per session

100$ + tx

Spots or varicose veins Minimum charge

50$ + tx

Spots or varicose veinsper unit

10$ + tx
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What is Photorejuvenation?

Photorejuvenation is done by "Intense Pulsed Light" (IPL) devices. By crossing the epidermis without damaging it, the pulsed light creates heat in the dermis, acting on three particularly interesting targets for skin rejuvenation:
Capillary vessels: to reduce redness and red spots.
Melanin pigments: to erase dark spots and unify the complexion.
Fibroblasts: cells that produce new natural collagen, and the collagen itself by promoting its contraction, which will firm the skin.

When to consider a photorejuvenation treatment

The appearance of skin aging signs is mostly caused by the harmful and cumulative effects of repeated sun exposure. UV rays denature components of the skin, including collagen and elastin. The skin loses its thickness, its firmness, and especially its elasticity.
In older people who have been exposed to the sun, these signs are more pronounced. On the face, neck, and hands, this technique can be used for:

How our beauty clinic does it?

Before any intervention, the patient will be evaluated by the professional during a first consultation. The medical history of the patient will be discussed. During the consultation, the skin will be examined.

Before starting, the technician masks moles and tattoos only with white color. The device will be used according to the phototype and according to the skin defects in the area to be treated (textures; spots; spider veins). Protective glasses will be worn.

On a small area, the technician applies the cold transparent gel. Then the nurse will position the optical conduit on the gel in the area to be treated and triggers the flash by pressing the push button. This process passes over the entire area to be treated.

The advantages of Photorejuvenation

A treatment that responds well to demand. It's strong enough to achieve results, but not so strong as to cause burns. The after-effects are simple, and patients can go on with their normal lives. It rejuvenates the skin of the face, neck, décolleté and hands without pain, embarrassing redness or bandages.
Intense Pulsed Light has become a must in facial rejuvenation programs, and combines well with other skin treatments. No other technology offers the long-term firming effect of photorejuvenation.

Our beauty clinic's advice:

BEFORE : No cream or make-up should be applied.
‍DURING: The treatment lasts 30 minutes.During the treatment, the impacts of the flash of light are not very unpleasant, depending on the areas treated and on the individual. They are similar to that of a light tap on the skin.
‍AFTER: Redness appears immediately after the session, but disappears within a few hours.
Treated brown spots will darken, especially after the first session, for a few days. Occasionally, a very fine crust may form right on the site of the brown spots. This will disappear in 5 to 6 days.
‍SUITES : You can resume your activities as soon as the treatment is over.
If you feel a tingling sensation after the session, we recommend you apply a repair cream.
Apply sun protection.
Tanning should be avoided at all costs during this treatment.

The expected results of our beauty clinic's services:

Trust our expert beauty technicians and advanced equipment to get lasting and pleasing results.
The first results are visible after a few weeks of the first session. 3 to 4 sessions are necessary at intervals of one month, to improve the skin and the complexion. The rejuvenating effect is natural and the skin takes on a new radiance. The redness clears up and the pigmented brown spots quickly fade. The skin takes on a smoother and more radiant appearance, like rejuvenation. The rough skin texture is notably smoothed out.
Significant wrinkles are not treated with this type of treatment, but very fine lines and wrinkles may be improved.
The results obtained are lasting, especially if creams are applied daily. Maintenance treatments are highly suggested every six to eighteen months.

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