Reshape the oval of the face

Reshape the oval of the face

You call it a non-surgical facelift. We call it art!
In young women, the face in general features the shape of an inverted triangle. The chin represents the tip and the top of the cheekbones the other peaks. But over time, the contours of the face become less clear, it is what we call the sagging of the face.

The causes of facial skin sagging:
From the age of 25, the aging process of the skin begins. As the production of collagen and elastin is less, the face loses its elasticity and firmness. Several factors such as genetics, age, hormonal variation, the sun, and lifestyle, contribute to varying degrees to the slowing down of collagen and elastin production as well as sagging skin.

Thus, from the thirties, it is possible to notice the appearance of the first wrinkles. Also, from the forties, one notes a sagging of the oval of the face.

The contours are then less defined as the jowls look like they're separating the chin and giving a depression expression. The triangle eventually inverts, the chin becomes the base of the triangle. Our non-surgical facelift treatments can make you look years younger in an instant!

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