Prevention of facial aging

Prevention of facial aging

The aging of the skin is caused by the slowing down of the regeneration of skin cells. This aging starts around 25-30 years old and evolves slowly over time. We notice that the skin becomes thinner, loses elasticity, is marked with dark spots, and widens more or less deep furrows. The skin ages more or less quickly depending on the type of skin and according to a genetically programmed chronological process. But this phenomenon is greatly influenced by sun exposure, hormonal variations, and poor lifestyle habits.

On the other hand, the absence of wrinkles, smooth and flawless skin are certainly necessary criteria but not sufficient for a young face. A young face can be recognized by the perfection of its model, by the sharpness of its contours, by the firmness of the skin tissue, by the shape inscribed in an inverted triangle with the rounded cheekbones occupying the base and the chin. Over time, your oval becomes less defined, your face sags or even wrinkles significantly. No choice, it's inevitable. This is the moment when it is necessary to appeal to aesthetic medicine which makes it possible to firm the skin, slow down or even correct the effects of skin aging.

Our treatments to prevent aging of the face
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