Drooping eyelids

The eye area, especially the eyelids, is the area most affected by the effects of aging.

The relaxation of the levator muscle responsible for the blinking of the eye, which is the most solicited muscle in the human body, the hyper contraction of local muscles which increases with age, and the thin skin weakened around the eye, irreparably accentuate the drooping of the upper eyelid and worsen the drooping of the outer edge of the eyes.

Thus, with time, the skin of the upper eyelid becomes slack and the eyes become dull and tired.

Droopy eyelids occur when the upper eyelids droop and lead to excess skin forming a fold

This phenomenon usually affects both eyelids. Nevertheless, it happens, sometimes, that this one, is noticed in a unilateral way. It then affects only one of the two eyelids. The drooping of the eyelids can lead to ocular discomfort or even a reduction in your field of vision.

Our treatments for droopy eyelids
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