Reshape cheekbones/cheeks

Reshape cheekbones/cheeks

The cheekbones (side areas of the face) and cheeks are major elements in defining the harmony of a face. They support the radiance of the eyes and instantly return an impression of vitality and youth. But with age, the sagging of the cheekbones is more or less important depending on the person and their bone structure in this place. Subcutaneous fat tends to slide slowly downwards, and can also decrease in volume, which will affect the overall appearance of the face, especially on the cheeks and cheekbones.

The cheekbones tend to be less well defined, to lose their plump appearance and their volume, to flatten out. Hollow cheeks can be aggravated by weight loss or removal of the tooth (s), which promotes a gaunt, skeletal appearance of the face.

These phenomena amplify the image of aging or fatigue of the face and can accentuate the hollows of the dark circles.

Our treatments to reshape the cheekbones
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