Nasolabial furrows (Smile Lines)

Nasolabial folds

On either side, the nasolabial folds run from the wing of the nose to the corner of the lips, forming a natural smile. These furrows can extend down to the chin, creating what are known as "bitterness folds". They give the face a tired look, an effect that increases with age and the movement of the smile.

Furrows begin as simple wrinkles that, with time and the movement of the smile, become deeper and wider. This phenomenon becomes more pronounced as the malar fat in the cheeks diminishes. Sometimes, the sagging skin tends to descend, forming a crease just above the nasolabial fold.

Nasolabial fold treatment is the most common request for hyaluronic acid correction. However, this is not always the priority when it comes to rejuvenating a face. Indeed, we might think that these two vertical features that mark the smile are the main cause of our tired, aged appearance. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes it's necessary to treat the furrows, and other times, another area of the face needs special attention.

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