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The key to healthy skin is a deep facial cleansing treatment. All skin types, even dry skin types need, a deep cleaning every now and then. The main benefit of this skin treatment is to exfoliate dead skin and give a lasting glow.

At Clinic Main d'Or, you can pick the choice that you like, either old-fashioned facial or a deep facial with the OxyGeneo technology. 

Facial cleaning with extraction




OxyGeneo with extraction


What is facial cleansing / OxyGénéo.

Look good, feel good.
To have the skin you want there are two ways of cleansing which are old-fashioned facial or deep facial with OxyGénéo technology.
Old-fashioned facial helps to regulate, cleanse, and stabilize the sebaceous gland of the skin of the face, and neck. You may feel that having blackheads is a nightmare and you can't go out. Well, no worries anymore. Facial cleansing helps in removing blackheads and cleaning pores. 

Do come and experience OxyGénéo technology and chose one of the five treatments. It facilitates the exfoliation of the top layer of the skin, removing dead cells. It cleans up clogged pores, renew skin tissue, and smooth the surface of the skin. Not only it exfoliates the skin, but it also oxygenates and infuses it with nutrients and vitamins. you will get smoother and healthier skin.

The indications for facial cleansing / OxyGénéo:

Here are the different indications:

Intervention in practice:

The technician will pass through several different steps in order to get a beneficial facial cleaning.‍
Before washing, make up should be removed. The face is cleaned up with soap then exfoliated. A traditional antiseptic ozone steam bath is applied on the face opening the pores, so extraction is facilitated. The technician will extract any microcysts, black heads, and white heads. Then, the skin is disinfected, and a high-frequency probe is applied with anti-inflammatory properties to calm the skin with the help of a mask.

Le traitement par la technologie OxyGeneo se fait par des applicateurs connectés à la machine. Le praticien nettoie la peau avec un savon doux et de l’eau puis il la sèche complètement.
1ère phase : il applique un gel pour passer l’applicateur de radio fréquence pour réchauffer la peau.
2ème phase : le praticien utilise un autre applicateur où il met sur le bout une capsule d'ingrédients choisi selon l’évaluation préalable de la peau du client. Il passe l’applicateur sur toute la région très lentement afin de permettre le processus d’oxygénation de la peau de l’intérieur.
3ème phase : Il applique un sérum sur la région puis passe l’applicateur d’ultrason par-dessus. La derni��re phase peut être une session de massage. Une crème hydratante et une crème solaire seront appliquées à la fin du traitement.

The benefits of skin cleansing /OxyGeneo 

Getting rid of blackheads and acne are the primary objectives for facials. Extraction will help tighten pores. OxyGeneo, the 3 in 1 treatment, will leave your skin healthier and fresher than before. If your skin is sensitive, then specific ingredients will be applied to it to prevent allergic reactions. Cleansing will pave the way for your skin to retain water and stimulate its blood circulation, so you own the fresh, shiny, and healthy skin you are dreaming of.

Tips for a successful treatment

It is advisable to avoid the sun for a whole month before you start your treatment so that no pigment rebound. You need to apply a minimum of 30+ or ​​even 50+ sunscreen during the day.
You may need other treatments like chemical peels after the treatment is applied.
It is recommended not to wear makeup for 12 hours. The sun and UV rays need to be avoided during one month following the treatment. It is rare but possible to have some redness, itching, or light tingling with surface irregularities of the type "mosquito bites" for a few hours. However, with OxyGeneo: The skin will look radiant immediately after treatment.

The expected results

Beauty is yours now with brighter, softer, and healthier skin. 1 to 3 sessions are needed to get the results you want, with 15 days apart between treatments. The OxyGeneo effect is cumulative, so the more treatments you perform, the more lasting the results. In fact, for longer and laster results, one treatment a month is recommended. Keep in mind, the results vary from one individual to another.

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