There is no escaping hairiness because as unwanted as it is, it’s more or less important. In the ladies’ bodies, It mainly concentrated in the bikini line, armpits, legs, and arms. But it’s much more developed in men.

The hair is an element that is threadlike and that is very rich in proteins and has a high concentration of keratin. Much like the skin, hair gets its color from melanin and the keratin provides it with consistency.

Over the course of time, hair density varies. All hairs have the same cycle of growth and development but in an independent manner; Hair doesn’t grow all together at the same time. Some areas of the body may have darker and thicker hair while other parts may only have soft hair.

Throughout one’s life, 20 to 30 hair cycles will follow one another and each cycle consists of three distinct phases which are:
-The anagen phase: The hairs here in this phase are in a period of growth.
-The catagen phase: The hairs in this phase stop growing.
-The telogen phase: The hairs fall out and get replaced by new ones.

An abnormal cycle of hair growth in both men and women can occur due to a hereditary factor, a hormonal disorder, or a pathological problem.
Excessive hairiness is an issue that may become a real source of complexes for both men and women.

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