Discover Effective and Permanent Hair Removal with our Photo-depilation Treatment.

In recent years, permanent hair removal has been used more often for both men and women. For seizing the chance to say goodbye to waxing and trimming, many take the plunge. This treatment is made to make you feel picture-perfect all the time.


Upper lip

50$ + tx

Cheeks or Favorites

60$+ tx

Front or Menton

60$+ tx


80$+ tx

Full face

180$ + tx


60$ + tx

Half arm

100$ + tx

Full arm

140$ + tx

Breasts (Areolas) or Navel line

50$ + tx

Regular Bikini or Inner-buttocks

80$ + tx

Full bikini (Brazilian)

140$ + tx

Full and inter-butt bikini

200$ + tx

Half legs

120$ + tx

Full legs

240$ + tx

3 regions in the list

5% discount

4 regions in the list

10% discount

5 regions in the list

15% discount

6 or more regions in the list

20% discount

Full beard

140$ + tx

Ears or Forehead

60$ + tx

Underarms or Neck

100$ + tx

Half Arm

120$ + tx

Full arm

160$ + tx


60$ + tx


80 - $120 + tx

Upper back

100-150$ + tx

Lower back

180-$250 + tx

Full back

180-$250 + tx


100$ + tx


120-150$ + tx


100-120$ + tx

Bikini top

100$ + tx

High and bikini

140$ + tx


120$ + tx

Half Legs

140$ + tx

Full legs

260$ + tx

Feet and toes

100$ + tx


60$ + tx

What is photoepilation?

Permanent hair removal is based on the elimination of the hair at its root, by the destruction of the hair follicle. At Clinic Main d'Or, the hair removal technician uses a flash lamp phototherapy. It is a new, elegant, and modern technique for hair problems.
The flash lamp radiates a powerful flash of light concentrated on a small area of the skin. The dark pigment of the hair (melanin) absorbs this light energy and transforms it into heat. This produced heat will epilate by destroying the follicles. This procedure allows a strong and deep thermo-coagulation. Also, the coagulation of the hair root will achieve permanent hair removal for the treated area. Fortunately, the destroyed hairs do not grow back, but the surrounding skin will become clearer, absorbs less heat, and remains unscathed.
All hairs have the same growth cycle but independently. Not all hairs grow simultaneously.
Photo epilation is, therefore, only valid on visible hair in the growth phase. To exhaust the hair in the area, the area must be treated  several times for about a year, until all hair has been removed.

The indications for Photo epilation

Trying to look more feminine and beautiful is something women have always desired. That's why, since the dawn of time, they have turned to every means available to eliminate their unwanted hair. For their part, men quickly understood the advantage of hair removal to look younger and gain seduction. Photo epilation is a technique used to get rid of hair on different areas of the body in men (back, torso, beard, etc.) or in women (legs, bikini line, armpits, etc.). This treatment is ideal for large areas. It also grants everyday comfort for people enduring unsightly hair.

What Does the Treatment Involve?

Before: any depilation, the hair removal professional sees you during the first consultation, allowing her to check your medical history. The consultation session is a necessary part of the hair removal treatment to eliminate possible contraindications which could prevent you from having this procedure. It is also an opportunity to examine your skin, hairiness, and determine your photo type (light, dark or dark skin, etc.).

Before the session, the specialist examines your skin to detect any lesions or herpes that could postpone the operation. Depilating the area involves shaving the area to be treated and then cleaning it, which can be done by the professional.

Before starting with Photo-Epilation, the technician masks moles and tattoos only with white. She configures her device according to the phototype and the size of the hairs to be treated. Then she provides you with protective glasses and puts on her glasses.
In a small area, the specialist applies the cold transparent gel. If the skin is black or dark, the technician proceeds to cool a small area at a time with an ice cube before putting the gel on. Then, she will position the optical conduit on the gel in the area to be treated and triggers the flash by pressing the push button moving the duct over while respecting an overlap of 2 mm between 2 flashes. At the end of the session, the specialist cleans the area and applies a moisturizer to the depilated area to soothe the skin and reduce pain.

After each Photo epilation treatment, the regrowth becomes slower, and the remaining hairs become thinner. In order for the hair to disappear completely, the hair must be reached at its root, that is to say at the level of the bulb. This is why hair removal only works if the hair is plucked during the growth phase when there is a meeting between the bulb and the hair follicle. Since hair doesn't grow simultaneously and its life cycle differs from one spot to another, various sessions are necessary at specific frequencies for each area to have maximum efficiency.

The advantages of Photo epilation

Today's latest hair growth treatments offer all the essentials of quality and safety, making Photo-epilation efficient, faster, and more economical. All photo types can be processed. This treatment does not burn any part of the skin.

Tips for a successful treatment

BEFORE: You must stop waxing or tweezing at least one month before the session. One day before a depilation session, the patient must shave the area or a technician can do it right before.
No self-tanner or tan activator for at least one week before the session.
No tan or UV for at least four weeks.
DURING: the impacts of the flash of light on the skin may be unpleasant depending on the skin parts and the person's skin type. They are similar to that of a light blow of an elastic on the skin.
AFTER : You can maintain your activities at the end of the treatment. If there is tingling after the session, it is advisable to apply a repairing cream.
Sun exposure, or UV light, must be avoided for one week.
It is permitted to shave between two sessions.
FOLLOWING: Immediately after the photo epilation, the skin may show redness, even slight irritation, and a feeling of heat. These reactions are normal and will disappear after a few hours. The hairs treated during a session will fall out on their own after one to three weeks.
As for the pigmented areas, we can observe a slight whitening of the healthy skin and slight browning of the spots. This browning will intensify for several hours and form small crusts. These scabs will eventually become black and disappear between 10 and 15 days.

Expected results

In the two weeks following a session, we may notice the natural ejection of the hairs from the treated area. No hair will grow back on the depilated area between 2 and 4 weeks after the session. After six sessions, about 90% of the hairs do not grow back. We then suggest an annual maintenance session to reduce small regrowth. Permanent hair removal can only be obtained if the protocol and time between sessions are followed.

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