Loss of tone/sagging skin

Loss of tone/sagging skin

Your skin is mainly composed of a multitude of cells that are made of collagen and elastin fibers. These fibers and collagen are considered a gold mine of firmness and elasticity for the skin.

These cells are in a constant state of renewal. They're constantly replacing themselves with new high-quality cells but once you hit your thirties, they begin to get weaker and the process of renewal takes a bit longer which reduces your skin’s volume, firmness, and elasticity causing your facial sagging.

Mainly, genetics is the main factor of facial sagging. The hormonal vibrations that happen during menopause are the number one cause of sagging skin.
Other factors that play a huge role in sagging are extended exposure to the sun along with tobacco use of course. Poor diet, as well as excessive weight gain, can be highly effective in the process of skin sagging over time.

Our treatments for loss of tone
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