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Nowadays, we hear about different terms for Micropigmentation (Permanent or Semi-Permanent Makeup, Dermo pigmentation, Microblading). In fact, all the terms involve the same practice from the moment the aesthetician draws a pigment in the upper layers of the epidermis. What differs are the techniques and materials used.

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What is micropigmentation

This technique works by inserting pigment into the first layers of the epidermis using a pen fitted with micro-needles to bring out certain facial features.
At the Main d'Or clinic, the services for micro-pigmentation offered involve the eyebrows and the lips.

What are the indications for micro-pigmentation?

Eyebrows sparse or non-existent:
The manual rebuild of the eyebrows is performed by the technique of "Microblading". This advanced technique of skin pigmentation involves inserting extremely fine and precise lines in the patient’s own hair imitating, both the natural hair color and the implantation and curvature, to obtain the most natural result possible.
Discolored lips:
The semi-permanent lip makeup, called "Lip Blush", gives lips a natural color or pink hue that will remain for a longtime, making lips appear naturally painted. Also with this technique, it is possible to correct a contour that fades with age, is poorly drawn, or is asymmetrical.

Intervention in practice

Local anesthesia is applied. The aesthetician will be able to choose the pigment that matches the color of the patient’s natural lips or the color for the eyebrows in microblading depending on which treatment the patient wants.
After disinfecting the area to be treated, the demographic equipped with a needle at the end creates multiple tunnels on the skin to implant the pigment into the epidermis. Finally, after cleaning, a healing cream is applied to the brows or lips.

The benefits of micro-pigmentation

Thanks to the extreme finesse of the hair pattern, "microblading" gives an unparalleled natural effect to the eyebrows which makes it possible to enhance the facial features by highlighting them.
Also, according to demand, the micro-pigmentation of the lips makes it possible to always look as if you are wearing makeup, even when getting up in the morning.

Tips for a successful treatment

BEFORE : Avoid tanning 4 weeks before doing this treatment.
DURING: Depending on the area to work (lips, eyebrows, eyes, etc.), implementation of permanent makeup can take from 1 to 3 hours. Local anesthesia can be applied at the start and during the process.
AFTER: Vitamine A cream is highly recommended to be applied as needed for 5 days, which is a healing cream to help the skin reform quickly. The sun and UV rays are contraindicated at least during the month following the last treatment.
FOLLOWING: After the completion of the micro-pigmentation, very slight redness and/or swelling may be noticeable, the made-up effect already appears, and in the final result, the intensity of the color is approximately 30% to 40% greater.
After about 2 weeks, the pigment diminishes because of the scarring of the skin, and 3 to 4 weeks later the pigment finally reappears.

The expected results

"Microblading" and "Lip blush" have a shorter lifespan than traditional permanent makeup. They wear off smoothly after a year to a year and a half. So, for the result to remain beautiful indefinitely, it is recommended to do touch-ups once or twice a year, depending on the age, the quality of the skin and the maintenance (makeup, sun, etc.).
The expected results may vary depending on each individual.

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