Before and After Lip Blush Micropigmentation

Before and After Lip Blush Micropigmentation

In semi-permanent makeup, various terms like Micropigmentation, Permanent or Semi-Permanent Makeup, Dermo pigmentation, and Microblading are often used interchangeably. Essentially, they all refer to the practice where an aesthetician introduces pigment into the upper layers of the epidermis. The distinction lies in the techniques and tools employed.

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Micropigmentation: Elevating Your Natural Beauty

Micropigmentation is an intricate aesthetic procedure that delicately accentuates your facial features by infusing pigment into the initial layers of the epidermis. Utilizing a specialized pen with micro-needles offers a natural enhancement to eyebrows and lips. At Clinique Main d'Or in Montreal, we provide top-notch microshading Montreal services tailored to individual needs.

Applications of Micropigmentation

Sparse or Non-existent Eyebrows:

Our clinic in Montreal specializes in eyebrow reconstruction through the "Microblading" technique. This advanced form of micropigmentation crafts fine, precise lines that emulate your natural hair in terms of color, placement, and curve, ensuring a genuine enhancement.

Discolored or Uneven Lips: 

The "Lip Blush" semi-permanent makeup method can rejuvenate your lips, giving them a natural or rosy hue. It facilitates a more prosperous color application for lips that seem professionally done. This micropigmentation technique can also rectify a contour that diminishes with age or appears poorly defined or asymmetrical.

The Micropigmentation Procedure

The session commences with local anesthesia. Our aesthetician then chooses a pigment that aligns with the color of your natural lips or eyebrows. After sterilizing the treatment zone, the aesthetician employs a dermograph with a needle to introduce the pigment into the skin. The session concludes with meticulous cleaning and the application of a healing cream.

Advantages of Micropigmentation

Micropigmentation, especially the "Microblading" method, offers an unmatched natural effect, enhancing facial aesthetics. Lip micropigmentation ensures you always look your best, even right after waking up.

Guidelines for Optimal Results

BEFORE: Refrain from tanning 4 weeks before the procedure.
DURING: The micropigmentation session can last 1 to 3 hours, depending on the area. Local anesthesia is administered initially and during the procedure.
AFTER: Use a Vitamin A cream for 5 days post-procedure to expedite skin recovery. Evade sun and UV exposure for a minimum of one-month post-treatment.
FOLLOWING: Post-procedure, you might observe minor redness or swelling. The color intensity might seem 30% to 40% more intense initially but will fade due to skin regeneration, reemerging after 3 to 4 weeks.

The expected results

"Microblading" and "Lip Blush" have a shorter longevity than conventional permanent makeup, fading naturally after 12 to 18 months. We advise periodic touch-ups to sustain the exquisite results, preferably once or twice a year. The outcomes might differ among individuals.

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