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Micro Needling

"Microneedling" is an innovative, minimally invasive, 100% natural aesthetic treatment that firms the skin without destroying the epidermis. This facial treatment is used by all celebrities to achieve younger tighter skin.

«Microneedling» with Hyaluronic Acid


"Microneedling with polyvitamins


What is Poly-Vitamin "Micro-Needling"?

“Microneedling” is a technique that uses an electric pen fitted with several single-use micro-needles that can come indifferent diameters. At the Main d'Or clinic, we use the MicroPen Evo which has medical-grade stainless steel needles and a high-speed motor for better efficiency.
This treatment consists of carrying out, in a predetermined area of ​​skin, micro-perforations at varying depths and speeds in the different layers of the dermis.

These Micro-Perforations will have two effects

1- They work as an anti-aging treatment as they simulate the healing process and therefore, cell renewal, accompanied by the production of elastin and collagen, as well as better oxygenation of the skin by an increase in local blood microcirculation.
2- They nourish the skin inside out as they produce micro-channels, which deliver the nutrients contained in a specific area to the dermis, such as the vitamins or peptides required to generate collagen.
To increase the result, the technician uses a range of products specially formulated for the micro-needling treatment.
These are multivitamin cocktails made with ingredients specially selected to target specific facial and even hair problems.

The indications for "Micro-Needling" with Poly-Vitamins

Here are the skin problems and situations where micro-needling can give interesting results:

Intervention in practice:

Before starting, local anesthesia can be offered according to the client's request.
The professional determines the choice of needles (diameter), the depth of the perforations, depending on the targeted area, the type of skin, and the desired effect.
After carefully disinfecting the area to be treated, the professional performs several regular passages with the electric pen. Depending on the reactivity of the skin and the desired depth of treatment, the professional insists more or less on each pass. The intensity and depth of the treatment depend on the number of passes and the force applied to each pass.
During treatment with poly-vitamins, the professional applies a cocktail of poly-vitamins to the skin as needed. This cocktail will penetrate directly into the dermis during successive passages of the electric pen.
If the treatment is epidermal to superficial dermal, there is no visible bleeding. If the treatment is deeper, some bleeding will be visible.

The advantages of "Micro-Needling" with Poly-Vitamins

The "micro-needling" can be carried out on any type of skin, whatever its color, light or dark.
It is not a treatment that removes wrinkles like injections of fillers or neuromodulators (Botox) but it prevents their appearance. It, therefore, turns out to be a good technique against skin aging, in the prevention or in correcting the effects of aging.

Tips for a successful treatment

BEFORE Avoid taking any medication that promotes bleeding in the preceding week.
You must not have been exposed to the sun in the affected area during the previous month.
‍DURING: The procedure takes 30 to 45 minutes and may involve the application of anesthetic cream on certain areas and for certain indications. If the proposed treatment is superficial dermal, the skin will present a diffuse redness on the affected area. If the proposed treatment is deep dermal, the skin may show light bleeding in the affected area.
‍APRÈSIt is essential to apply the repairing cream regularly, several times a day to the treated area in order to improve skin repair.
The skin should not be cleaned after treatment for at least 4 to 5 hours.
It is necessary to avoid any sun exposure and humid environments (sauna, hammam, swimming pool…) for 7 to 10 days.
If small crusts appear, they should not be scratched.
‍SUITSAfter treatment, mild to extreme Redness will appear. Small bleeding spots will turn into small crusts and will fall after a few days of regular application of restorative cream.
More or less important, edema will generally subside in 2 to 3 days but happens very rarely.
Possibility of a feeling of tightness or heat on the treated region during the first day.
Possibility of slight dehydration and peeling.
If the treatment is very intense, it may be necessary to plan a few days of social exclusion (1 to 4 on average).

The expected results

As beauty experts, we are here to turn the client’s aspirations into reality.
From the first session, the quality of the skin in the treated area improves.
The skin is more toned, healthier, and younger.
The number of sessions depends on the client’s objective and/or the problem to be treated.
The expected results may vary depending on each individual.

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