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Botox is a brand of Botulinum Neurotoxin

Lip augmentation for our beautiful Max

Lip augmentation for the first time

Why do we retouch dysport / Botox after 14 days

Platelet Rich Plasma

Clinique Main d'Or, Instalift / Tensor threads in Montreal

Horrible lips, spoiled and failed filling with hyaluronic acid (filler)!

acne problem ?! we have the solution for you

Clinique Main d'Or / a Difference between a nurse and a doctor in the field of aesthetics

Alexandra decided to improve her jaw, inject her nose and do botox

Platelet-rich plasma reduces fine lines, increases collagen and rejuvenates the skin...

Cheek augmentation with hyaluronic acid

Spoiled Lips

The dosage of botox in the face


testimonials Clinique Main d'Or

mother mother daughter's day

cheek augmentation and dark circles retouching

Dr. Hadi does botox for her face for the first time


platelet-rich plasma for hair loss


training, the pleasure of sharing


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