The first meeting, an important exchange
Medical Questionnaire:

The best results are obtained when you fill out the medical questionnaire about your current health state. You need to mention information about your medical history, including cosmetic procedures, allergies, and your current medications. This questionnaire will help doctors at the clinic to confirm any contradictions that may prevent treatments. They will be able to indicate the treatments that suit your aesthetic medicine and prescribe any needed medicine.

Aesthetic medicine consultation:

When the doctors evaluate your state, they will examine your skin in a specific way and the area that needs the treatment. During this examination, you are free to ask any questions and tell your concerns about the treatment. So it is mutual trust between you both. Be sure you will get the best aesthetic treatment and get all your needs and expectations from our professionals. After the examination and the professional's evaluation, you can decide about the treatment plan.

Clear information:

You will be aware of all the treatment methods and the post-treatment methods and results during each consultation you make. You will get a complete patient secrecy at Main d'Or clinic, so feel free to inform your professional about all your medical issues and health state.

Consultation fees:

Medical consultation fee: For the first appointment, if a medical file is needed, a payment of $80 will be required to cover the medical consultation with our doctor, if medico-aesthetic care is subsequently administered. Otherwise the cost of the medical consultation is $125 + tx.

Aesthetic consultation fees: For the first appointment with our nurse or technician: $50+tx.

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